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We are a family farm winery nestled in the beautiful Delaware countryside.

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Recent Pictures

Grapes picked at harvest

Harvest 2014

wines and vines

wines and vines at Harvest Ridge

purple grapes

Grapes in our vineyard at Harvest Ridge

Vines and gazebo

Vines and the gazebo at Harvest Ridge

Wine barrels in a row…

8-24 Wine barrels and bungs in the tasting room

Grapes on the vine

98-24-14 Grapes waiting patiently for harvest

Landot Noir in crate

9-6-14 Our Landot Noir has been picked

Harvest Ridge Logo on Barrel

Our logo on a barrel looks pretty good!

Musician Jim Rezac

One of our 2 great performers for Beat the Beaches Memorial Day BBQ. Paul Donovan...