New Chef in the House!

Posted by on Oct 5, 2017 in Blog | 4 comments

New Chef in the House!
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We are very excited to announce that we now have an in-house chef. Chef Yi Lynne Weber has joined Harvest Ridge and will be helping us create a culinary program that will showcase our wines and ciders with amazing recipes using local ingredients. She will also help our tasting room team plan exciting pairing and cooking demos and events for our guests, helping to educate our guests on the finer points of wine and food pairing.

Growing up in North Carolina, Yi Lynne learned about the history and tradition of food that warms the soul. As an adult, she spent several years living in Europe, where she fostered this knowledge into a passion. Within weeks of moving back to the U.S., she decided to chase her dream of becoming a chef and she auditioned for the second season of Fox’s MasterChef. Not only did she receive a coveted “MasterChef apron,” she used the experience to open the door to professional kitchens, eventually leading her to open her first food truck in Panama City, FL which was hugely successful and allowed her to grow professionally and personally as a chef. 

Her success lead to other national TV appearances on shows such as Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen (with Alton Brown) and Destination America’s Last Call Food brawl (with Adam Gertler). She has competed in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas and has been a Top 10 finalist with Ribs at Memphis in May, America’s most prestigious world championship barbecue cooking competition. She has also been featured in food and dining articles for Memphis Magazine and the Panama City News Herald and has been interviewed as a guest speaker for the New Orleans’ Bite and Booze radio talk show (with Jay Ducote). 

Food, especially “comfort food,” tells a story… it tells the story of struggle, of pain, of triumph, of love. Yi Lynne has a great story to tell.

Look for more information about exciting Harvest Ridge events featuring Yi Lynne and her food!


  1. You all have a fantastic chef. I’ve know Yi Lynne since our time in England in 2008. She is so passionate about her food! May you have a long journey together.

  2. Yi Lynne is not only a wonderful chef, she is a wonderful wife and mother with a kind spirit and soul. Her goodness shines through her culinary creations. If you ever get a chance to taste her creations, do so. You will leave the table with delicious memories.

    A neighbor from Panama City, Fl.

  3. Yi Lynne makes the best food I’ve ever tasted! She could make a stick from a tree in your yard taste delicious. Super talented. Harvest Ridge and its patrons are all winners for this announcement!

  4. So excited!

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