The Team

Chuck Nunan (Owner)

While on the surface Chuck oversees many aspects of the winery (sales, finances, etc.), he really sees his job as being a visionary who plans and dreams big (he has said that Harvest Ridge is his 300-year project!), then supports his team, helping each member reach their God-given potential, while staying out of their way and letting them do their jobs.

His dream is to create a winery/farm that can be a vehicle allowing future generations to know what it means to work, get dirty, and feel good about

For Fun: Chuck enjoys spending time with his family — immediate and extended, and traveling with his wife and friends. He has a passion for home-cooked meals, wine making, coffee in the morning, enjoying a good wine, and helping others (not necessarily in that order).

Wine: Chuck’s favorite wines are Malbec, Meritage, Viognier, and (non-oaky) Chardonnay. He enjoys tasting and noting what makes each wine unique.


Chris Nunan (Partner, Innovative Force)

Chris is the matriarch of the Nunan family. She uses her artistic eye to lend insight to design and other creative aspects of the winery. She is one of the happiest people we know, loving and supportive of her family’s adventures.

For Fun: Chris enjoys traveling, crafting, and enjoying tea in the mornings with Chuck. She loves spending time with family – specifically the grandkids – watching them all grow and experience life.

Wine: Chris’ wine preferences lean to the sweeter wines. She loves fruit wines!





Jason Hopwood (Winemaker)Jason

Jason’s interest in wine developed during a successful career in the restaurant industry. As a culinary professional, Jason worked in restaurants in the Baltimore Metro Area as well as the Eastern Shore, eventually becoming the co-owner of a local eatery. It was during the years as a restaurant owner that Jason developed a passion for wine. His interest in wine led to jobs in wine sales and a stint as a cellar hand in Sonoma, CA. It was at this time that Jason decided to fully dedicate himself to winemaking and he returned to college full-time for a degree in Enology.

In college, he interned for Sheldrake Point Winery, located in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

For Fun: Jason enjoys perfecting his pizza dough, crabbing on the Chester River, and spending time with his amazeballs spouse and very active children.

Wine: Jason’s beverage of choice (if stuck on the proverbial deserted island) would be a dry sparkling wine or madeira. 






Stephanie Lynn Poet (DE Tasting Room Manager/Event Coordinator)

Stephanie is a born and raised Delaware local! She has been a member of the Harvest Ridge team from almost the very beginning, starting here in 2013 part time while she was working in the medical industry. We are happy we were able to reel her in to a full time gig here!

She loves craft beer and that passion has evolved into a love of wine. The things she enjoys most about working for Harvest Ridge are being able to meet customers at festivals, encouraging and cheering on other team members, and working events that benefit the community. She also doles out lots of hugs.

For Fun: Steph loves visiting breweries and other wineries, spending time with friends and family… and giving hugs! She loves dark chocolate, beer, cookouts, road trips, and church (not necessarily in that order). 

Wine: Steph is not a sweet wine drinker; she loves her dry reds. Her favorite grape is Barbara. Her go-to Harvest Ridge favorites are Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. And as a beer drinker, she is a fan of Rebel Seed Hoptimized cider. 





Kristi May Wyatt (Sales Manager/PA Tasting Room Manager)unnamed

Kristi has worked with the Nunan family since 2005 and considers them family. She is a mother of 2 amazing children and a cute beagle/dachshund mix named Weenie. Kristi manages our wholesale sales in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Kristi’s strengths are her leadership and management skills. She is Chuck’s right-hand WOman, so if you need anything, she is the one to find!

For Fun:  Kristi enjoys sports, music, dancing, and spending time with family and friends. Most importantly, she enjoys being with her 2 children and watching them compete in the sports they love (baseball and volleyball).

Wine: Kristi started as a sweet white wine drinker but has slowly been broadening her palate to include an appreciate for reds. Her favorite wines are our Red #47 and Cabernet Sauvignon, with a soft spot for our sweet Country Bloom.




Nan Nunan (Charitable Events Coordinator)nan2

Nan is an integral part of the Harvest Ridge Team. With charitable causes close to our hearts, as the coordinator for these events, Nan is THE lady in charge of what are often some of our largest and most popular events. She does everything from contacting vendors, coordinating volunteers, and hiring talent to perform, to working out logistics, and bossing people around. (In the absolute nicest way possible.)

For Fun: Nan spends her free time with her husband (youngest Nunan son, Craig), their children Hunter, Hailey, and Lincoln. She also enjoys reading (when time permits), warm weather, and loves anything related to Disney.

Wine: Being new to the process of winemaking doesn’t mean Nan is new to wine! She has always had an interest and has enjoyed partaking in a bottle here and there. Learning all there is to know about wine has become a new passion for her!





Nichole Krambeck (Assistant Vineyard Manager/Lead Horticulturist)

It was meant to be. Nichole has been involved in horticulture since high school and contacted Harvest Ridge Owner, Chuck, early in her career for information on becoming a grower. In 2009, while attending Del Tech for Horticulture, Nichole was working at Ronny’s Garden World when Chuck and Chris came into the store and told her about their plans for a vineyard in Marydel. (She was dubious.) Upon graduation from Del Tech, Nichole went to work for the horticulture department for the Architect of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. She ran into Chuck and Chris again at the Delaware Wine and Beer Festival in 2012, and learned that they did, indeed, plant a vineyard and start a winery in Marydel. She finally settled in at Harvest Ridge in 2015 after responding to a job posting for a horticulturist position at Harvest Ridge.

For Fun: Nichole enjoys experiencing good food and drinks with friends and family, playing around with her pup, Lucky (a.k.a. The Vineyard Dog), camping, hiking, traveling, and gardening.

Wine: Her favorites are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, and Viognier.




Sofia Horvath (Social Media Manager)team-sofia

Sofia is the online presence of Harvest Ridge Winery, promoting the winery via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Though she doesn’t have Delaware dirt under her nails, her loyalty to her job manifests itself in carpal tunnel syndrome.

For Fun: Sofia loves good food and good drink. She loves visiting new restaurants whenever she can nail down a babysitter. To balance out her high-caloric intake, she spends a lot of free time at the gym, running and doing yoga.

Wine: While always willing to try and enjoy all kinds of wines, Sofia is on a mission to learn all she can about Spanish Rioja and has adjusted her drinking habits accordingly.