Producing high-quality wine on the East Coast

Did you know that the climate and soil of Delaware and our surrounding region is very similar to that of Bordeaux? Make no mistake, quality grapes are being grown here and outstanding wines are being produced in our area, with our grapes. Harvest Ridge is proud to be an East Coast Winery, producing excellent wines made from local grapes. We use grapes grown in our vineyards for many of our wines; whenever possible we obtain our fruit from local sources.

Our location here in Marydel provides us with advantageous growing conditions due to the fact that our vineyard is midway between the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Chesapeake Bay to the west.  The shallow warmer waters of the Chesapeake offer our grapes a longer warmer growing season which is ideal for red varietals such as Malbec.  The Atlantic cools our vineyards at night and keeps humidity low, which helps to prevent mold that might be negatively affect the grapes.  So the lower humidity levels help to keep our vineyard healthy and cooler nights also help to preserve the aromatic esters in our grapes ultimately resulting in much more fragrant wines.