Our Thanksgiving Suggestions

Halloween is over…is it too early to talk about Thanksgiving? We are ready to help you plan your perfect Thanksgiving dinner!

We have gathered some information to give you a leg up on your wine selection.

Most experts would say to stick with wines that are well balanced for your Thanksgiving dinner, not too sweet or too dry. Our Pinot Gris is a wonderful choice to go with salad and appetizers, it is tart and has a great finish! We recommend trying some of our white wines for your dinner drinking. Our Barrel Fermented Chardonnay is a great choice! Its light and buttery flavor will pair perfectly with turkey and all your side dishes. White No. 47 is a well-balanced blend that will pair well with just about anything on your Thanksgiving table!

If you love sweet wine, you will be happy to know that they are ideal for when you pull out the pies. Now feel free to switch it up a little. Red, white, or Rose’ they can all work perfectly for your dessert course!  Pair your apple pie with a bottle of Hero and your pumpkin pie with White Sangria!