Tasters Guild International Medals!

Posted by on May 15, 2015 in Blog | 2 comments

Tasters Guild International Medals!
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Three cheers for Milan! Our winemaker extraordinaire has done it again. A boatload of medals at this year’s Tasters Guild International Competition.

Gold: ’14 Pinot Gris
Silver: ’14 Traminette, ’14 Blue Hen Blue
Bronze: ’14 Peach Blossom, ’14 Country Bloom, ’14 Vidal Blanc, ’13 Merlot, ’13 Malbec, ’13 Cabernet Sauvignon, ’13 Meritage


  1. Want more information about Harvest Ridge Blue Hen.
    Hosting the Widow’s Wine Club and will be serving this
    with other local wines.

    • Hi Barbara-

      I just shot you an email. Looking forward to speaking to you further regarding Blue Hen Blue.

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