Harvest Ridge Wine Club FAQs

Q- Is there a fee to join the club?

A- There is no fee to join. You are only charged for the wines you receive and will be notified approximately three weeks before those wines are available so you know what and when you card will be charged. (The only caveat is that if you join but then cancel prior to receiving your first wine pack, you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee.)

Q- So I am a member… what does that get me?

A- You will receive 3 wines quarterly (typically February, May, August, November). These wines will be a variety and will include the best of Harvest Ridge… popular older wines as well as newer releases and are discounted 15%. You will also receive invitations to special member-only events (e.g. our quarterly “pick up parties” where members receive their wine packs while having the chance to eat, chat with the owner, winemaker and other staff, etc.) as well as notification about upcoming events PRIOR to public notification. (So you don’t have to worry about hearing about events too late… after all the tickets are gone. YOU get first dibs!) Members also receive 10% off full case purchases as well as a birthday coupon good for a free glass of wine, on us, during your birth month. In addition to all these standard perks, we are continuing to add ways that we can treat you, our club members, better! Just to keep you guessing and (pleasantly) surprised!

Q- Can I bring friends to pick up parties or other member-only events?

A- Currently we have no standard policy and are taking this on an event-by-event basis. Some events, complimentary guests may be allowed, but for other events, we may offer you the opportunity to bring guests but they may pay a fee to attend. We will make sure to make it clear in the invitation email what the guest policy is for each event.

Q- Do I get to choose the wines in the club packs?

A- No. All members receive the same wines and are charged the same amount. (However, the pick up parties are a great place to meet other members. Maybe you can organize a swap when you are there!)

Q- What is a typical “club pack” price? What can I expect to be charged?

A- Though prices vary based on the wines included, typically packs are $40-50.

Q- What if I can’t make the pick up party? Can you ship me my wine?

A- If you live in Delaware, we currently cannot ship you your wine per Delaware liquor laws. To maintain a positive outlook on that, we just think of it as an opportunity for you to come in and visit. 🙂 Thank goodness we live in a smaller state, right?? We are, however, legally allowed to ship to some other states and are working on the logistics of making that happen. Currently wines are only available by customer pick up but we will keep you posted on shipping options as we iron out the details. But if you cannot make the pick up party, fear not. You can certainly call the tasting room to have them set your case aside and schedule a time during business hours that works for you to pick it up.

Q- This all sounds awesome. How do I sign up?

A- We thought you’d say that! Please call the tasting room at 302.343.9437 and speak to one of our tasting room staff members to get your name on the list so you can begin enjoying the perks today!

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