Love of our country, love of our family, love of our cider.

A seed planted in fertile earth, cultivated by the American farmer, and picked at the peak of flavor. We create a cider using the freshest apples sourced locally (never concentrate), producing a cider that is refreshing, flavorful, and satisfying.

Rebel Seed Hard Cider reflects the passion of our family and the values we hold dear: quality, tradition, and respect for the land. We take the best our country has to offer and create a beverage for you to enjoy.

Love of our country, love of our family, love of our cider. Rebel Seed.

This country’s early colonists drank cider as an alternative to the questionable water supply. It was served to rebel forces during the Revolutionary War. Our forefathers drank it, served it, and lauded it. Hard cider is part of this country’s history and now it is part of ours. We are officially launching our new brand and product, Rebel Seed Cider, on October 15 from 5-8PM with a release party.

All are invited to attend. The event will feature an unveiling of our new sign, planting of an apple tree onsite, and (of course) pours of both versions of our new cider.

Join the Nunan family as they embark on this new journey. You will be able to say you were there at the very beginning of it all.


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