Meet the Harvest Ridge Winery Winemaker!

So, finding and hiring a winemaker for the Harvest Ridge Winery team was a very important step in the whole process as we get closer to opening. As it turns out, winemakers are kind of important when you are looking to make wine.  (Sure, you could wing it without one, but who knows what kind of wines you would get! No thank you.)

After a search that brought forth applicants from all over the world (and I mean ALL over the world), we found Milan Mladjan. Milan comes to us from Ontario, having worked most recently at Frogpond Farm Organic Winery. While there, Milan honed his skills developing terroir-driven wines based on organic and biodynamic principles.

Milan is passionate about history, so much so that he majored in History and Anthropology in college. After that, he went on to receive his degree in Wine and Viticulture studies from Niagara College with diplomas in Winemaking, Winery Marketing and Management, and Master Taster and Sommelier. He sees a bottle of wine as a time capsule, revealing the story of the vintage through geography and climate, as well as telling us a great deal about the individuals who made the wine, through the winemakers’ imprint on technique and profile. He believes the resulting style of a particular vintage is a direct reflection of current social trends and preferences. Both Milan’s parents came from families where viticulture and wine were an integral part of their everyday lives. He sees wine as a means by which he can connect with that long family history.

Milan is excited to relocate to Delaware, looks forward to living in the beautiful countryside, and is excited to be moving to a state that poised to become a major destination for tourism (wine and otherwise).

Milan will have an active hand in many aspects of the winery; expect to see him in the tasting room as well as winery-related events.

We are excited for what he brings to the team and are looking forward to working with him!

P.S. He also speaks French. Milan Pressing







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