News in Delaware Wine and Spirits

Two recent noteworthy items that affect wine, beer, and spirits producers in Delaware–

1) The Delaware Wineries Association made an appearance at the Delaware State fair in July. Several members of the association (including Harvest Ridge Winery owner Chuck, and manager Chip) were on hand to meet and greet Delaware 1016393_497514243662686_1086902413_nresidents at the fair. It was a great chance to let people know what is going on with wines, spirits, etc. in our state! Governor Markell was also on hand and stopped by the DWA booth. You can read more about the day here and Governor Markell’s visit here:

2) Speaking of Governor Markell, on August 5, he signed HB 190. This bill made changes to existing laws to make it easier to wineries, breweries, and distilleries in the state to grow and thrive. We like that! Read more on the bill here:

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