Pennsylvania Tasting Room Update 3/12/18

It’s the little things, really. We never thought we would be enthusiastic about mopping a floor… or ordering toilet paper… or installing soap dispensers. But here we are! Knowing that we are getting down to the nitty gritty, moving past the big things like drywall and electrical, has us really excited. 

Most of the big stuff is completed. Now we are waiting for final inspections. We were able to host the whole team in the new tasting room this past weekend for a training session and meeting. We couldn’t wait for everyone to see the space and all the progress! 

Winemaker Jason, leading a team training session.

We’ve had more than a couple of people ask us about an opening date. We are chomping at the bit like all of you. However, until we have those final inspections completed, we are holding off on planning a shindig. Believe us. As soon as we can, we’ll fill up the calendar, promote events, and invite you all in to celebrate!

In the meantime, did you know that you can become one of the first members of the PA wine club? Sign up now directly on our website to be “in the know” from day one. Chuck Nunan, Harvest Ridge Owner, has something special planned for the first 10 people to join. 

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