Top 10 (+1) Wine Memes of 2014!!

Tis the season for top 10 lists, countdowns, looks back, etc. Looking back at our posts in 2014 there were some posts that were misses with our fans… but there were many that were hits. Let’s revisit those that were the most popular, the most shared, and the most liked. Here is a list of the top 10 (+1 miss) wine memes of 2014!


Number 10
18 shares, viewed by 1,479 people, 39 likes
Wine and Cheese People









Number 9
20 shares, viewed by 1,778 people, 55 likes
Wine Flowchart












Number 8
25 shares, viewed by 1,842 people, 67 likes
Drinking Rationale

drinking rationale








Number 7
22 shares, viewed by 2,986 people, 94 likes
Hemmingway Wisdom












Number 6
34 shares, viewed by 2,866 people, 59 likes
Workout Tip

work out tip








Number 5 (submitted by Facebook Fan Richard)
49 shares, viewed by 3,534 people, 96 likes
One of Those Weeks

one of those weeks











Number 4
68 shares, viewed by 5,282 people, 73 likes
Cork Craft Problem

cork problem









Number 3
65 shares, viewed by 5,602 people, 101 likes
Open Door Policy
open door

Number 2
70 shares, viewed by 4,350 people, 105 likes
Serenity Prayer

serenity prayer









And the NUMBER 1 most shared wine meme with Harvest Ridge fans in 2014 was….. (drumroll)…

With 224 shares, viewed by 13,880 people, 118 likes
Valentine’s Day Request

Valentines day











I never know exactly why some posts work as well as they do, but I am thrilled to see people sharing our stuff, even if it is unexpected. However, on occasion there is one that I am convinced people will love. I post it and all I hear are crickets. Silence. No shares. Maybe a handful of “likes.” And that’s ok. But, because I want to give it a second attempt at success, here is the “+1” wine meme… one that was a personal favorite of mine.

From The New Yorker, I present to you The French Army Knife:




At Harvest Ridge, we look forward to continuing to serve you great wine, wine information, and some laughs in 2015! Cheers!





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